Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Mission Statement

To inform and provide services in support of the short and long term comprehensive planning, quality of life, environment, and economic development of Cuyahoga County and its cities, villages and townships.

About the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (CPC) performs a unique role in the Cuyahoga County community.

As a successor to the Cuyahoga County Regional Planning Commission (RPC), the CPC has over a half century legacy of providing land use, zoning, development, and other planning services for the county's cities, villages, and townships; the County Executive and County Council; and other governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

Currently, the need for land use and physical development planning remains very important to Cuyahoga County. Moreover, the need of the county to anticipate and to respond pro-actively to rapidly evolving economic, social, cultural, and demographic changes is becoming increasingly important.

If Cuyahoga County is not only to cope with these changes, but to prosper in the years ahead, and if all of the citizens of the county are to be afforded opportunities to pursue their personal destinies in a context of community and mutual obligation, the development and implementation of appropriate public policies and the applications of professional decision-making and planning resources are essential.

The laws of the State of Ohio vest the CPC with the duty and the power to study, plan, and recommend regional goals and objectives. As a basis for realizing these goals and objectives, the county's needs, priorities, and policies are to be studied and recommendations made.

Under the law, the CPC's policy domain is very broad. It encompasses the following:

  • economic and social conditions;
  • land use;
  • transportation systems, including land, water, and air transportation;
  • utility and community systems;
  • public and private facilities and services;
  • environmental control;
  • natural resource development and conservation; and
  • long-range programming and financing of capital projects and facilities.

The CPC is empowered to promote administrative and regulatory measures to implement the plans of the region. It may engage in collections and analysis of social and economic data and coordinate research with other governmental agencies, educational institutions, and private organizations.

Furthermore, the CPC has a role in relation to units of local government, the state and federal government, planning commissions, councils of government, and neighboring planning areas. The CPC is empowered to contract and to coordinate with these other entities. It is intended that the CPC be engaged in all facets of the county's planning and implementation activities to achieve compatibility among all units of government.