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The Sun Star reports that SouthPark Center mall is seeking an addition of 239,000 square feet to the existing 1.2 million square feet. The addition would include "new shops, several restaurants, and a new 14-screen cinema, in a bi-level structure". Location of the addition has not been finalized.

Final results of last week's poll gauging support for the County's upcoming arts and economic development levy have been released. A telephone survey of 500 registered voters found 28% in favor of the issue, but that number rose to 41% when they were told a series of facts about economic development and the arts.

Cleveland Metroparks named retired businessman William J. Ryan of Westlake as one of their three commissioners, replacing John K. O'Toole.

Shaker Square's owner, Rosen Associates of Miami, yesterday turned over ownership of the center to mortgage holder Key Bank. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and Key is searching for a buyer.

Passage of the County levy to support the arts and economic development mentioned here earlier may not be as easy as previously believed. A poll commissioned by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture shows that less than 30% of voters support the issue.

A LEED accredited professional gives a primer on sustainable design in the Philadelphia City Paper.

The successful efforts to create new infill housing in Cleveland Heights are highlighted in today's Plain Dealer.

Following up an earlier post on the Growth Association/Cleveland Tomorrow/Greater Cleveland Roundtable merger, COSE anticipates that its reorganization will allow the group to better represent the interests of small and medium sized businesses, and ensure a stronger organizational focus on entrepreneurism.

Cleveland Metroparks' plans to create a park around Abram Creek in Middleburg Heights were disrupted when they were outbid for a 22 acre site by Ruggiero Construction and Fabrizi Trucking and Paving.

WCPN examines last week's business association merger in the latest installment of their Making Change series.

A Plain Dealer analysis shows that 11% of Cuyahoga County bridges are in a deficient condition, which is close to the state average. Many of the bridges in question are used by railroads; disputes between governments and railroads as to responsibility often results in taxpayer funding of repairs.

CSU's Levin College of Urban Affairs students surveyed Olmsted Falls's downtown and recommended improvements, including improving access to the Falls itself.

Vancouver, B.C. is making public transit, particularly bus service, more convenient and responsive through innovative techniques, including electronic signage and better coordination.

Prior agreements made by Whiskey Island Partnership for infrastructure improvements make the potential purchase by Cuyahoga County Commissioners a little more complex.

Plans in Richmond Heights to create a nature preserve protecting the East Branch of Euclid Creek have been shelved because of concerns by residents.

Cleveland Tomorrow, Greater Cleveland Growth Association and the Greater Cleveland Roundtable will merge today to form an entity (temporarily) named "Greater Cleveland Tomorrow". Current leaders are presently looking for new members of a 50-person board.

The Plain Dealer reports that Parma has purchased 74.5 acres from Gannett Communications for the city's West Creek Preserve, which now covers over 300 acres. An agreement to buy the land was reached in June, and was funded by a bond issue approved in 2000.

In a 25-city survey, the U.S. Conference of Mayors reported that, nationwide, requests for emergency food assistance increased 17% and requests for emergency shelter increased 13% over the past year. Cleveland showed a 6% increase in requests for food assistance, and a 14% increase in requests for emergency shelter. However, the City has reported success in increasing access to transitional housing.

Full Report (802 KB .pdf)

Plain Dealer story

U.S. Census Bureau reports that Ohio was third slowest growing area in the country, with only North Dakota, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia having slower population increases.

Population Tables

Plain Dealer story

America's River Communities, a nonprofit whose mission is to initiate projects in communities across the country to enhance their economic prosperity, resource conservation, cultural and historic preservation, and education, has been producing a documentary film for PBS entitled The Return of the Cuyahoga. This film, which will include CPC's Paul Alsenas, is described by PBS as the "story of how this small river, which once helped to build the nation, may eventually help to save it". An internet-based curriculum for Cleveland's schools is also being created by ARC.

Supporters of the project include the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, the Cleveland, Lubrizol, Gund, Abington, GAR, Akron Community, and Davey Tree Foundations, the Ohio Humanities Council, and a number of individual contributers.

"Air pollution in U.S. cities causes twice as many deaths from heart disease as it does from lung cancer and other respiratory ailments", a new study suggests.

Cuyahoga County Commissioners will include on the March 2004 ballot a 0.7 mill levy for economic development and the arts. "The tax would raise nearly $21 million a year for five years to create and preserve jobs and encourage new or expanded business in industry, commerce or research." (Plain Dealer)

The Ohio EPA has recently updated its page on the protection of primary headwater streams, including a series of key findings pertinent to river and lake water quality. This effort has added importance given the recent warnings from OEPA regarding a new state advisory that warns women of child-bearing age and children 6 and younger to eat no more than one fish meal per month from 15 Ohio rivers and lakes.

"The best transportation strategy for revitalizing the urban core might be a housing strategy."
EcoCity Cleveland's thoughts on the Inner Belt project.

The Fernhill Group and MidTown Cleveland have jointly purchased the Ohio Knitting Mills Building and plan to convert it to office and laboratory space.

Mayor Campbell of Cleveland announced a status report on new projects, including the pursuit of US EPA funding for a "Brownfield Coordinator", while City Council approved purchase of the Cleveland Harbor Coast Guard Station for $1 from Jacobs Investments Inc. and the lease of the land beneath it.

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