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A weblog is essentially a web page that provides a regularly updated series of posts that typically includes both links and commentary. While the history of weblogs is relatively brief, it has produced a wide array of variants that reflect many different purposes and intents. The purpose of the CPC Weblog primarily is to act as a news gathering and dissemination resource for the Greater Cleveland and Cuyahoga County planning community. Links to current local and national events and stories that impact planning and land use activities will be provided to the reader. Occasionally, information about the CPC's own activities will be shared. Our intent is to give the public links to up-to-date information that informs good decision-making that is based on the knowledge of best available practices and an understanding of current events.

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If you are aware of any news or events that we should mention, please let us know and provide a site where we can link. Thank you!

Disclaimer: Any opinions that may be gleaned from what is written on this weblog, the stories linked by this site, or the content of linked sites and stories do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, the Cuyahoga County Executive, or the Cuyahoga County Council.

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