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Glenn Grisdale of Reveille will present a draft of the new Brook Park Master Plan at a public meeting on January 25. The owner of Brookgate Shopping Center was disappointed by the process.

Ford began demolishing its closed Cleveland Casting Plant in July, and plans to finish early next year. Once completed, it will open at least 230 acres in Brook Park for potential redevelopment. The automaker also intends to close the adjacent Cleveland Engine Plant No. 2 next year, which could create additional redevelopment opportunities. Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 will remain open.

The Brook Park master planning process includes a survey of residents. Initial survey results indicate neighborhood revitalization is a priority. The survey will remain open through the end of the year.

The City of Brook Park hired Reveille of Bowling Green, Ohio to prepare a municipal master plan. Officials plan to hold a public hearing in late September or early October.

Brook Park leaders decided to not pursue the proposed water main maintenance and no poaching agreement with the City of Cleveland. Brook Park's law director recommended against the pact, saying it could hurt the City's ability to attract companies.

Leaders in Brook Park are considering the water main maintenance and no poaching agreement offered by the City of Cleveland. Highland Heights City Council has also been pondering the proposal.

Update: Brook Park officials continue to discuss the proposal.

NASA's Glenn Research Center will break ground for its new Centralized Office Building on Friday. The LEED silver building is the centerpiece of the campus master plan. NASA Chief Technologist Robert Braun said that Glenn's future is bright.

Update: the News Sun and West Life have additional information.

Area communities reacted differently to the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's new stormwater management program. Mayor Cicero of Lyndhurst was disappointed, and the City of Hudson may join Summit County's lawsuit against the sewer district. Mayor Elliott of Brook Park, on the other hand, thinks the program will help the city alleviate and prevent flooding problems. David Beach called it "one of the most important developments for local water quality that I have seen in the past 25 years."

The three railroad quiet zones in Brook Park are scheduled to be in service by May 22.

The News Sun has more details about RTA's plans to redesign the Brookpark rapid station. The design process is expected to take 13 months, and RTA will continue to market the surrounding property for a potential transit-oriented development.

Work on the railroad quiet zones in Brook Park is complete, and City officials are awaiting approval from the Federal Railroad Administration.

A runway extension at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was officially opened at a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday. FAA grants covered 75% of the $44.2 million project.

The expected end of construction to enable the creation of railroad quiet zones in Brook Park has been pushed back to this spring. When complete, they will be the first in the state.

Euclid officials plan to use the City's funds from the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program to identify, purchase, and demolish 74 foreclosed homes. The City of Brook Park will begin participating in a program that will allow it to take ownership of abandoned homes.

The proposed seven-city joint fire district is down to two communities now that Brook Park has pulled out of the the study. The Cities of Parma and Parma Heights are the only remaining participants.

Following the failure of the Tri-City Joint Recreation District's levy, its board will "continue to study other options and wait and see what the cities would like to do."

If passed by voters in Berea, Brook Park, and Middleburg Heights, the 1 mill continuing levy of Issue 136 will provide funds to construct and maintain new facilities for the Tri-City Senior Center. Many elected officials in Berea and Brook Park are opposed to the issue.

Brook Park City Council has begun discussing the proposed seven city regional fire district. Some members appear to favor a more modest regional dispatching center as an alternative.

Ford agreed to pay a $1.4 million fine for failing to upgrade pollution control equipment at its Cleveland Casting Plant in Brook Park. When the company announced plans to close the plant last year, it stopped work on new furnaces and supporting emissions controls needed to comply with air pollution regulations.

By a vote of 10-4, the board of the Tri-City Joint Recreation District decided to put a 1 mill, five-year levy on the November ballot in Berea, Brook Park, and Middleburg Heights. The board's president says that it would raise enough money to demolish and replace the existing Tri-City Senior Center and cover operating expenses and programming.

NASA Glenn officials are reviewing 11 proposals for a new 90,000 square foot central office building. They expect to award the design contract for the $28 million building by August. It's scheduled to open in early 2012. The construction is part of a $150 million redesign of the NASA campus.

The board of the Tri-City Joint Recreation District established a committee that will study the options for a proposed levy that would fund the Tri-City Senior Center.

Because of challenges facing the airline industry, Continental Airlines is scaling back and postponing parts of the $50 million Cleveland Hopkins expansion it announced last fall.

Construction of the railroad quiet zone project in Brook Park began earlier this month. Phase one construction is scheduled to end in May.

The cities of Berea, Brook Park, Olmsted Falls, and Rocky River are continuing their plans to establish railroad quiet zones. Brook Park remains on target to become the first multi-crossing quiet zone in Ohio. Bedford, meanwhile, is waiting for news from the Federal Railroad Administration about its planned quiet zone.

The Ohio EPA has selected a preferred plan for cleaning up contaminated soils in the central-west portion of NASA Glenn Research Center in Brook Park. A public meeting will be held on April 14.

In a study funded by a 2005 TLCI grant, eight alternatives were identified for reconfiguring the intersection of Snow and Engle Roads in Brook Park. The proposals call for improving the intersection's safety and efficiency, while simultaneously freeing land for redevelopment.

Brook Park officials anticipate that work on the City's railroad quiet zone project will begin in April. The City is also waiting for CSX to sign permits that will permit the construction of a railway underpass on Snow Road.

After withdrawing from the Senior Transportation Connection of Cuyahoga County last year, the Cities of Berea, Brook Park, and Strongsville reverted to their former municipal transportation systems. Middleburg Heights, on the other hand, will continue its participation in the Senior Transportation Connection.

Brook Park officials say that they are cooperating to develop a plan for easing flooding concerns.

CSX and the City of Brook Park recently signed a construction agreement for the City's planned railroad quiet zones. Brook Park officials hope the City will become the first in Ohio to establish quiet zones.

The newly formed Tri-City Joint Recreation District will not have a tax levy on the March ballot because the board has not yet held a meeting. Its first meeting will be held on January 14.

While voters in Berea and Brook Park approved the creation of the Tri-City Joint Recreation District, some councilmen in the two cities remain vocally opposed to a tax to support the Tri-City Senior Center.

Today's ballot in Berea (Issue 19) and Brook Park (Issue 27) includes a proposal to create a joint recreational taxing district to support the Tri-City Senior Center. Middleburg Heights City Council approved the district last year. Funding for the district is not included in this issue.

The Cities of Berea, Brook Park, and Strongsville decided to withdraw from the Senior Transportation Connection of Cuyahoga County and will revert to their former municipal senior transportation systems.

NASA has approved the $150 million redesign of the NASA Glenn Research Center. The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority will be the master developer overseeing the 20-year program that will transform the facility.

With funding in place, work on the first phase of the Big Creek Watershed Management Plan is beginning. It's expected to continue through spring 2008.

NASA Glenn Research Center and the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority reached a memorandum of understanding for the development of a land use plan for the 350 acre NASA campus.

The City of Brook Park is caring for abandoned and foreclosed homes by hiring a contractor to mow the lawns at some of the community's 30 abandoned houses and the 180 homes in foreclosure.

While the process has been slow, Brook Park officials continue to seek approval of the City's plans to establish railroad quiet zones.

The City of Cleveland has exhausted the $36 million budgeted for phase one of the Home Acquisition Program for the planned expansion of Cleveland Hopkins Airport. The Brook Park houses in zones one through four were purchased, but zones five and six were shifted to phase two.

Continental Airlines also announced that they may expand one of their three U.S. hubs. The Ohio House earmarked $1.5 million for a $45 million Hopkins expansion, and the state awarded the airline a $900,000 grant to help pay for new equipment and machinery. Continental would cover most of the remaining expenses.

Ford's decision to close the Cleveland Casting plant in Brook Park will result in the loss of 1,200 jobs in 2009, but it also may offer economic development opportunities. The plant is the third-largest emitter of volatile organic compounds in Greater Cleveland, and Ford can sell the plant's pollution rights. Former Ohio EPA Director Joesph Koncelik wants the agency to establish an emissions trading program.

Funding problems forced the Tri-City Senior Center to suspend operations today, pending the outcome of the November ballot issue. The earliest the center could reopen is in February.

Aviation experts support the decision of Cleveland Hopkins officials to not lengthen a runway for nonstop flights to Asia. "Cleveland itself is not going to be an Asian gateway. You just don't have the horsepower. If you don't need it, don't spend it."

Plans to extend a runway at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to accommodate service to the Pacific Rim have been indefinitely delayed. Instead of extending the runway to 11,250 feet, it will be lengthened to 10,000 feet and an intersection with a smaller runway will be eliminated.

Leaders of the Tri-City Senior Center say that the Center will be forced to close if any of Berea, Brook Park, or Middleburg Heights refuse to help supply short-term operating expenses.

The Tri-City Senior Center continues to experience financial difficulties, and is seeking $60,000 from the cities of Berea, Brook Park, and Middleburg Heights. The Center's proposed joint taxing district issue is now slated for the November ballot.

Earlier this month, officials at NASA Glenn Research Center submitted a master plan that involves consolidating its central campus, growing its western campus, and increasing visibility and access to its northern campus. NASA leadership is expected to make a decision on the plan by this summer.

Today's Plain Dealer provides additional details about the new master plan for NASA Glenn Research Center. If approved by NASA, work could begin in 2009 and continue for 20 years.

NASA unveiled a new master plan for Glenn Research Center. It calls for new office buildings, an auditorium and conference area, a public outreach district, and "a campus center that would function as downtown Glenn." The public outreach area, which will feature a new Aerospace Education Center, will be built on the site of the Center's two buildings in Fairview Park.

Although the planned expansion of Cleveland Hopkins Airport has yet to begin, the Brook Park neighborhood on the site of the expansion area is mostly empty today. Cleveland officials pledge to continue the $36 million residential buyout program.

Supporters of the Tri-City Senior Center report that they gathered enough signatures for their initiative petition to appear on the May ballot in Berea and Brook Park. Residents will have the opportunity to vote on the creation of a joint taxing district for the Center.

The initiative petitions for the Tri-City Senior Center ballot issues were short 38 signatures in Brook Park and 108 in Berea. Advocates for the Center have 10 days to collect the needed signatures.

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