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Four projects in Cleveland and one in Chagrin Falls received awards in the 10th round of the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit program. In Cleveland, the Fairmont Creamery redevelopment received a $3.12 million tax credit; the final phase of the St. Luke's Hospital redevelopment received a $506,600 tax credit; and residential conversions of two adjacent buildings on Huron Avenue in downtown Cleveland, the Starr Gennett Building and 1220 Huron, received tax credits of $422,001 and $3.55 million, respectively. The Spillway project in Chagrin Falls received a $1.65 million tax credit.

Local housing news:

Developers of the mixed-use Spillway project in Chagrin Falls hope to begin construction by mid-summer. They expect the construction and renovation work will take about one year.

A couple purchased the historic Sears-Adams House in Chagrin Falls, saving it from potential demolition. They plan to renovate it as their home. The Greek Revival house was built in 1844. In May, Heritage Ohio identified it as one of the state's top preservation opportunities.

The former Ivex mill in Chagrin Falls was added to the National Register of Historic Places, listed as the Adams Bag Company Paper Mill and Sack Factory (PDF). It is being redeveloped as the mixed-use Spillway project.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board recommended four Cuyahoga County sites for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places: the former Richman Bros. factory (PDF) on East 55th Street in Cleveland, the Neal Terrace and Oppmann Terrace (PDFs) apartments, both located on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, and the Euclid Heights Historic District (PDF) in Cleveland Heights. It would be the City's 11th historic district.

Several local residential projects are under construction or being planned.

The Chagrin Falls Historical Society may purchase Linden Hall, the sole remaining Windsor Hospital building. The building on East Summit Street otherwise may be demolished.

Update: developers of the Falls Walk subdivision withdrew their demolition request.

With the help of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, the Village of Chagrin Falls acquired 9.9 acres of greenspace near Whitesburg Park. The land was formerly owned by the Spillway developers, and will be used for passive recreation.

The Plain Dealer has more details about the removal of the Euclid Creek dam under the Highland Road bridge in Euclid. In Chagrin Falls, officials are preparing bid specifications for modifications of the Chagrin River dam at the Spillway site.

Update: for more information about the dam removal project, visit the Euclid Creek Watershed Program.

Update 2: Chagrin Falls Village Council approved a bid for the first phase of the dam lowering. Spillway developers are working with the Ferchill Group on the mixed-use project.

Plans for the first phase of the Spillway project in Chagrin Falls have been scaled back. The initial redevelopment of the former Ivex mill is currently slated to include a microbrewery, a restaurant, offices, and some additional retail space.

The Chagrin Falls Architectural Board of Review approved preliminary designs for the townhouses in the proposed River Walk development on West Orange Street. In Rocky River, construction continues on the Eleven River luxury condominiums.

Work on the Chagrin Falls Region Alternate Transportation Study is nearing completion. A final public meeting took place on July 6, and a final stakeholders meeting will be held on August 4.

Consultants have prepared a preliminary concept plan for the Chagrin Falls Region Alternate Transportation Study. The study should be completed by August or September. Two public meetings have been held, and the final one take place on July 6.

The Chagrin Falls Board of Zoning Appeals approved Spillway LLC's plans to lower a Chagrin River dam as part of its redevelopment of the former Ivex mill. Village Council is expected to vote on the proposal on Monday.

Update: Village Council also approved the plans.

Chagrin Falls officials and consultants with Behnke Associates have begun work on the alternative transportation study for a group of Chagrin Valley communities. The first public meeting will be held on Tuesday evening.

Chagrin Falls Village Council voted to accept a $68,000 TLCI grant for the Chagrin Falls Region Alternative Transportation Study. The $85,000 study will be conducted by Behnke Associates.

The Chagrin Falls Region Alternative Transportation Study was one of the 13 projects awarded a TLCI planning grant earlier this month. The study will begin in January, and will develop a plan for a trail network in eastern Cuyahoga County and western Geauga County.

Chagrin Falls Village Council approved the sale of a Village-owned property on West Orange Street to developer Robert Vitt for $467,000. He intends to incorporate it into a planned 11-unit residential development.

Chagrin Falls Village Council approved a zoning overlay for the proposed 11-unit residential development on West Orange Street. Some residents disagreed with the decision.

Update: the Chagrin Solon Sun has more information.

The developer of the planned Village View project in Chagrin Falls was unable to obtain financing for the mixed-use development, and a new developer now wants to acquire the properties on West Orange Street and build 11 condominiums.

If they receive a Clean Ohio conservation fund grant, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy will purchase and preserve 10 acres along the Chagrin River from the developers of the Spillway project. It would eventually be used the expand the Village of Chagrin Falls' Whitesburg Park.

Update: the Chagrin Valley Times offers more details.

Chagrin Falls Village Council is considering an ordinance that would establish a Village land bank.

Mayor Brick of Chagrin Falls would like to create an ad hoc committee to advise the Village on bicycle and walking trail issues. The committee would facilitate planning for multipurpose trails that would connect with networks in Cuyahoga and Geauga counties.

The developer of the planned Village View condominiums in Chagrin Falls is continuing to pursue the project, and hopes to begin construction "during this building season."

Developers of the Spillway project in Chagrin Falls have nearly completed designing the mixed-use development, and are working to align financing and tenants.

In a special election yesterday, Chagrin Falls voters approved a rezoning for the former Ivex mill. Developers plan to reuse the structure as a mixed-use facility.

Update: the unofficial final tally was 937-88.

Steven Litt likes the plans for redeveloping the Ivex complex in Chagrin Falls. He says that the "project looks like a no-brainer," and concludes that "it could make Chagrin Falls both a better place to visit, and a better place to live."

Neighbors of the former Ivex mill in Chagrin Falls are concerned about the potential impacts of its proposed redevelopment. Residents will vote on a rezoning issue for the project in a special election on February 3.

Developers of the proposed subdivision on the 21-acre Windsor Hospital property have named it Falls Walk. The development in Chagrin Falls would consist of 38 single-family houses.

This week's Sun papers have more information about the recent ballot issues in Broadview Heights, Chagrin Falls, Highland Heights, South Euclid, Avon, and Twinsburg.

The Chagrin Falls Planning Commission unanimously approved a rezoning for the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of the Ivex mill. Some of its neighbors strongly object to the project, and developers have requested a special election on the rezoning.

Chagrin Falls leaders say they need more information about the plans for the former Ivex mill before voting on a requested rezoning.

Alcoa completed the sale of the Ivex Paper Mill complex in Chagrin Falls to a group of local developers for $400,000. They plan to renovate as many of its 28 buildings as they can.

Update: the Chagrin Herald Sun supplies more details.

Alcoa accepted a bid from a partnership of three Chagrin Valley residents for the historic Ivex mill in Chagrin Falls. The price was not disclosed. They plan to convert the 1841 building to a community center featuring a hotel, theater, and microbrewery.

The Ohio EPA awarded grants for the lowering of a Chagrin River dam in Chagrin Falls and for the removal of a Euclid Creek dam in the Cleveland Metroparks' Euclid Creek Reservation, as well as other grants in Greater Cleveland.

The Chagrin Falls Board of Zoning Appeals tabled developer Larry Shibley's plan for the commercial portion of the property at Williams and West Orange Streets because it lacked sufficient parking. The BZA approved his condominium plans in February.

The Board of Zoning Appeals also approved a variance for the residential development at the Windsor Hospital site, authorizing the construction of 38 houses instead of the permitted 31.

Although Alcoa is pursuing permits to demolish all 28 buildings of the Ivex complex in Chagrin Falls, including the 1841 mill, the company says its intention is to sell the buildings and property for an adaptive reuse of the site. Alcoa is also planning to lower the height of the Chagrin River dam and stabilize the riverbank.

Update: Alcoa revised its application to remove references to demolitions of historic structures.

Chagrin Falls Village Council voted to change the Board of Zoning Appeals from a decision-making body to an advisory one. In Chester, the Township Trustees voted to create a five-member architectural review board.

The Chagrin Falls Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved a set of variances for the planned Village View condominiums on West Orange Street.

Updates on proposed residential developments:

Chagrin Falls Village Council unanimously voted to sell the village-owned properties on West Orange Street to developers Larry Shibley and Brad Remington. They plan to redevelop the site as Village View, a 14 unit luxury condominium project.

A Geauga County developer agreed to purchase the 20.6 acre former Windsor Behavioral Hospital property in Chagrin Falls. He plans to build 35 single-family homes on the property.

Chagrin Falls Village Council unanimously approved a set of revisions to the Village's historic preservation regulations. The changes were designed to remove subjective language and make the rules more defensible in court.

Recent Plain Dealer editorials say that "Greater Cleveland would benefit tremendously" from an expansion of the Continental Airlines hub at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, that the new Presidents' Council report on regionalism and equity is a "reminder that one of the most important goals of regional cooperation should be to improve the lives of as many people as possible," and that the planned Chagrin Falls arts district should make the Village "even more irresistible."

WKSU provides more details about the Chagrin Foundation for Arts & Culture and their plans to create an arts district in Chagrin Falls.

The newly formed Chagrin Foundation for Arts & Culture announced plans to establish an arts and entertainment district in downtown Chagrin Falls. They established a partnership with the Chautauqua Institution of New York, and proposed renovating the historic Township Hall as the centerpiece of the five-block district.

(Update: WCPN offers more details.)

The Village of Chagrin falls has received three proposals for the redevelopment of city-owned land along West Orange Street. Two are resubmissions of previous proposals, and a third calls for the construction of two four-unit townhouses.

The Paper Mill Vision Committee in Chagrin Falls supports the adaptive reuse of the former Ivex Paper Mill on Cleveland Street, and submitted four recommendations to Mayor Brick. They also suggested lowering the dam to reduce liability and remove it from ODNR's jurisdiction. The Trust for Public Land is also interested in preserving greenspace at the site.

A Chagrin Falls resident created Preserve Chagrin Falls and started a petition to gauge the level of concern in the community about proposed changes to the Village's zoning code that he says could lead to a rise in mansionization and teardowns.

JETA, Inc. wants its 24 unit cluster home development on Chagrin River Road in Bentleyville to tie into the Chagrin Falls wastewater treatment plant. Chagrin Falls has had a moratorium on connections outside the Village since 1996.

At a public meeting in Chagrin Falls on Monday, architect Craig Cawrse offered an inn surrounded by houses, cluster homes, or a "learning institution campus" as possible new uses for the Windsor Hospital site. He also presented several suggestions for ways that the 6.8 acre Ivex Paper Mill site could be redeveloped.

On Sunday, architect Jonathan Sandvick made a presentation about the potential for adaptive reuse of the closed Ivex Paper Mill in Chagrin Falls. The Village formed an ad hoc committee to study its possible reuse, and developers may be interested in rehabilitating the 147 year old building. It will discussed at a public meeting on January 29 at Chagrin Falls Township Hall, where plans for the redevelopment of the Windsor Hospital site will also be unveiled.

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