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The Olmsted Joint Economic Development District revealed plans for the 385-acre Stearns Crossing Business Park in Olmsted Township. The first phase includes more than 250 acres near Stearns and Bagley roads.

Election recap

Broadview Heights
Issue 12 (commercial rezoning): passed

Issue 17 (Planning Commission alternates): passed

Issue 83 (retail rezoning): passed

The proposed Olmsted Falls-Olmsted Township Merger Study Commission passed in Olmsted Falls (Issue 58), but failed in Olmsted Township (Issue 103).

For complete results, visit the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Voters in Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township will decide whether or not to create a commission that would study the potential for a merger of the two communities. It is Issue 58 in Olmsted Falls and Issue 103 in Olmsted Township.

One Olmsted, a group of Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township residents, is circulating a petition for a merger study. They hope to place the study on the November ballot.

Olmsted Falls Mayor Bob Blomquist and Olmsted Township Trustee Jim Carroll want to create a committee that would study a merger between the two communities. Mayor Blomquist hopes that a merger study will be placed on the ballot this year.

A historic trolley depot that previously was part of the Trolleyville USA collection in Olmsted Township will be moved to Grand Pacific Junction in Olmsted Falls.

The Olmsted Township Trustees refused to rezone a property on Stearns Road for a proposed apartment complex, because a project that would provide sewers for the property has not been completed.

Leaders in Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township have started talking about merging the two communities. Mayor Blomquist of Olmsted Falls wants to conduct a study and create a committee of residents.

(Update: the News Sun presents additional information.)

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