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Fairview Park officials unveiled the 2013 master plan update prepared for the City by City Architecture. The plan recommends establishing a marketing program, creating a signage package, and highlighting key intersections with special crosswalks and paving.

Planners in Lakewood completed their update of the City's Community Vision document. The final public meeting was held in December, and the Lakewood Planning Commission is considering the update. City Council is expected to vote on the document this spring.

After some delays, the City of North Royalton is preparing to begin its master planning process. City officials expect to assemble a master plan task force by February 1.

Fairview Park's master plan committee and City officials are working with City Architecture to update the City's master plan. Preliminary recommendations include signage and streetscape improvements.

Leaders in Seven Hills are exploring the possibility of revising the City's master plan, last updated in 2002. Members of the Planning Commission agreed to discuss the plan each month.

The City of Lakewood began the process of updating its 20-year-old Community Vision document (PDF) at its first Community Vision Workshop. Around 75 residents participated, sharing what they love about Lakewood, as well as their hopes and worries about the city.

The City of Fairview Park is preparing to embark on an update of its master plan. Seven consultants submitted bids to conduct the plan, which was last updated in 2005 (PDF). West Life is publishing a series on issues that may be addressed in a new master plan.

The City of North Royalton is preparing to embark on an update of its master plan. The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission may prepare the update. The City's most recent plan (PDF) was completed in 2004 by Wilbur Smith Associates.

Glenn Grisdale of Reveille will present a draft of the new Brook Park Master Plan at a public meeting on January 25. The owner of Brookgate Shopping Center was disappointed by the process.

At GreenCityBlueLake, Marc Lefkowitz looked to San Diego for ideas to inform the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium's planning process.

The Brook Park master planning process includes a survey of residents. Initial survey results indicate neighborhood revitalization is a priority. The survey will remain open through the end of the year.

Strongsville City Council selected planner Robert Hill to prepare an update of the City's master plan. He expects to complete the work in three months.

The City of Brook Park hired Reveille of Bowling Green, Ohio to prepare a municipal master plan. Officials plan to hold a public hearing in late September or early October.

Cleveland Heights City Council adopted the final version of its new strategic development plan (PDF). In the Cedar Lee district, officials and businesses are working to advance the streetscape plan (PDF, 71.2 MB) prepared in 2008.

The Baldwin-Wallace College Board of Trustees approved a new 10-year campus master plan. It calls for unifying the three sections of the campus.

Members of the Solon Master Plan Citizens Commission has been working to identify issues that should be addressed in the master plan. They recently developed a list of the City's strengths and weaknesses.

On Thursday, the South Euclid Planning Commission unanimously voted to rezone 40.7 acres of the former Oakwood Club property from residential to retail for the proposed Oakwood Commons development and to change the City's comprehensive plan (PDF). The issue now moves to City Council, which will hold public hearings (PDF) on May 18 and May 25.

Baldwin-Wallace College shared a preliminary campus master plan with the Berea Planning Commission. The school may reveal its full 10-year plan in April.

The Fund for Our Economic Future awarded $1.385 million in grants at its meeting last week. The awards include a $500,000 grant to support Northeast Ohio's Sustainable Communities Initiative.

Solon City Council appointed members to the Master Plan Citizens Commission. The 10-member panel will review the master plan adopted in October and make recommendations regarding its goals.

The Greater Cleveland RTA is seeking public input on Re: imagine RTA, its 2010-2020 strategic plan, and will hold a community meeting on January 13 at its offices on West 6th Street. The agency is also conducting a survey. Officials in Lorain County and the the Morning Journal encourage Lorain County residents to participate.

Berea City Council recently adopted the new master plan prepared for the City. Council members support the initiatives identified in the document.

Parma Heights City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Big Creek Watershed Balanced Growth Plan, a document completed earlier this year by the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization.

Update: Parma City Council also passed a resolution of support. The plan recommends preserving an 168-acre greenspace in southern Parma.

Update 2: It also makes recommendations for the Brook Park portion of the watershed.

The Berea Municipal Planning Commission recommended approval of the Berea Master Plan Update. The 80-page document (PDF) was prepared by Reveille of Bowling Green, Ohio.

In a Plain Dealer op-ed, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan described the federal Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program and its recent $4.25 million grant for regional planning in Northeast Ohio. Columnist Neal Peirce highlighted the Northeast Ohio award and said that the grant program shows how federal government can be made more efficient and effective through cross-department collaborations.

Northeast Ohio was one of 45 areas selected for funding through HUD's $100 million Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program. The consortium of 21 entities from 12 counties was awarded $4.25 million to "develop a cooperative regional plan to address housing, transportation, environmental impact and economic development for Northeast Ohio." The consortium consists of MPOs, housing authorities, and county and city governments, plus the Levin College of Urban Affairs, the Regional Prosperity Initiative, and the Fund for Our Economic Future, which helped to fund and organize the application.

Solon Planning Director Rob Frankland has nearly completed the update of the Solon Master Plan. He may have the final draft ready for City Council to discuss at its next meeting.

University Hospitals officials object to a rezoning recommendation in the draft Solon Master Plan. Planning Director Robert Frankland defended the proposed changes.

The City of Cleveland Heights published a draft of its new strategic development plan, last updated in 1993. The new plan recommends seven goals intended to "brand the basic identity of our community, enhance our city's tax base, create outstanding public places and spaces, and embody an environmentally sustainable ethic." City officials hope to adopt the plan before the end of the year.

Update: approximately 50 people attended a public meeting on Monday.

Update 2: about 28 residents have submitted written comments on the plan (PDF).

A coalition of 20 Northeast Ohio stakeholders submitted an application for a regional planning grant from the federal Sustainable Communities Initiative. Meanwhile, the Ohio Department of Transportation filed $259 million in grant requests through the federal TIGER II program, including a request for $12.3 million to develop a statewide electric vehicle readiness plan. None of ODOT's 12 projects are specific to Cuyahoga County.

In this week's issue of Scene, Michael Roberts revisits the history of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority's fruitless lakefront planning efforts. He attributes many of the problems to the machinations of board member John Carney.

Residents who live near the intersection of Solon and Richmond roads in Solon object to a recommendation for an expanded industrial presence in the area. Another group of residents believes that the City should have appealed a court-ordered rezoning issue instead of placing it on the November ballot.

Update: a Chagrin Solon Sun editorial says that "Solon cannot let the court decide the best use" of the property at SOM Center and Miles roads.

Solon Planning Director Rob Frankland continues to work on a new municipal master plan. The latest draft sections to be released include a potential residential to industrial rezoning of land near Solon and Richmond roads.

The current issues of the Cleveland Stater includes a series of articles about the evolution of CSU's campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. University President Ronald Berkman also discussed his vision for the campus.

Consultants G2M Design Collaborative recently completed work on the Broadview Heights Master Plan. They will present the plan to City Council.

Officials in Cleveland Heights are working on a new strategic plan for the City. It was last updated in 1993 (PDF). A draft should be available later this month. A group of Cleveland Heights residents launched Sustainable Heights, an outgrowth of the Cleveland sustainability summit.

The City of Solon will release the final two sections of its master plan this month. Planning Director Robert Frankland began updating the master plan early last year.

The Cleveland Clinic hired Foster + Partners of London to conduct a 20-year master plan for the Clinic's main campus in Cleveland. The Clinic is also developing plans for two new buildings at its Cleveland campus.

The final report (PDF) of the American Institute of Architects' Sustainable Design Assessment Team for Parma makes a variety of recommendations that cover topics including land use, economic development, historic preservation, and transportation. The report is the result of work conducted in 2008. Related documents are available from the AIA.

G2M Design Collaborative is continuing to develop a new master plan for the City of Broadview Heights.

The City of Lakewood posted the Birdtown Action Plan (PDF), a comprehensive plan prepared by a group of Cleveland State graduate students. An earlier version of the plan for the southeastern Lakewood neighborhood was called the Birdtown Flight Plan.

The City of Bay Village will assemble a steering committee tasked with revisiting the City's 1999 master plan. An update could contain plans for sustainable development.

Streetsboro City Council unanimously voted to adopt a new master plan. It was prepared by Bird Houk Collaborative over a 10-month period.

Richard Moe, the outgoing president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, encourages shrinking cities to act carefully when approaching the issues associated with population loss. He says that the process "should be carried out in the context of a carefully conceived master plan -- one that encourages input from all stakeholders and takes into account a range of considerations, including the historic value of the housing stock, in determining what stays and what must go."

A group of Cleveland State University graduate students prepared the Birdtown Flight Plan, a guidebook for the historic Lakewood neighborhood. "It seeks to identify assets and build upon them, as well as introduce proposals that will highlight Birdtown/Madison East's historic uniqueness, and bolster the quality of life for those who call it home."

The board of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority officially approved the the master plan for the redevelopment of the current port facilities. The Port Authority posted the presentation (PDF) and agenda (PDF) from the meeting. A Plain Dealer editorial says that the Port Authority needs to keep its options open.

Update: William Yankow of the Cleveland Freight Association says that implementing the plan "will leave us with too few acres to expand for port logistics use."

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission approved six Balanced Growth Strategy grants for local watershed plans, including two in the Lake Erie watershed.

Transportation Outlook, the new 20-year regional transportation plan released by AMATS, employs (PDF) a fix-it-first approach for the Akron area's transportation network. NOACA does not have a similar policy.

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority's real estate and development finance committee approved the port redevelopment plan. The Cleveland City Planning Commission recently approved the same plan, and the full Port Authority board is expected to consider it on Friday.

Update: Virginia Tech's Shrinking Cities weblog says that the market study "reaches many conclusions that the city should be excited to hear."

By a vote of 5-2, the Cleveland City Planning Commission approved the first two phases of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority's plan for the redevelopment of its current downtown location.

Update: Steven Litt supports the Planning Commission's decision.

The City of Broadview Heights is preparing to hire G2M Design Collaborative of Avon to conduct a master land use study (PDF).

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority recently posted two planning documents about the proposed redevelopment of the existing downtown port faculties. The Master Planning & Development for Cleveland's Downtown Lakefront (PDF, 46.6 MB) draft was led by Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects, and the Cleveland Waterfront Market Demand and Development Options (PDF, 4.2 MB) report was led by the PA Consulting Group.

Sunday's Plain Dealer included several opinion pieces on the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority's proposed relocation. Former Cleveland Planning Director Hunter Morrison said that the planning efforts "should look beyond the corporate limits of Cleveland and include all of the region's industrial port assets—including the ports of Lorain, Grand River, Ashtabula and Conneaut". Adam Wasserman and Steven Williams of the Port Authority said that the facts support the planned move, and released a draft of the Port's five-year maritime business plan (PDF). Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and mayoral candidate Bill Patmon also weighed in.

John Carroll University's desire to create more green space for athletic fields by demolishing six houses remains a contentious issue in University Heights. City Council's University Affairs Committee is exploring alternatives.

On Thursday, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority CEO Adam Wasserman and architect Stanton Eckstut described the downtown Cleveland port redevelopment plan at the City Club (MP3, 55.8 MB). On Friday, they presented the plan to the Cleveland City Planning Commission, where members had many questions about the concept. Adam Wasserman and the Port's Luke Frazier outlined the plan on Channel 3. Also on Friday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave its tentative approval to the Port's relocation plan, issuing a 241-page draft of its Cleveland Harbor Dredged Material Management Plan & Environmental Impact Statement (PDF, 8.4 MB). A Plain Dealer editorial says that the relocation and redevelopment plans need "a good deal more attention to detail". The Port Authority is preparing My Cleveland Waterfront, a website about the plans.

Update: Port Authority Chairman Steven Williams disputed several items in a Plain Dealer story.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority representatives will present their latest port redevelopment plans to the Cleveland City Planning Commission on Friday. The plan (PDF, 1.6 MB) and presentation (PDF, 15.8 MB) are available for review.

At a public meeting yesterday, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority officials and consultants again presented their preliminary plans for redeveloping their current downtown Cleveland lakefront property. The plans call for a four-phase redevelopment to be carried out over 25 years. The plans will also be the subject of a City Club talk on August 20.

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority will hold a public meeting (PDF) about the plans to redevelop its current facilities on Thursday at St. Ignatius High School. Dru McKeown shared his thoughts on the plans.

Consultants for the City of Euclid are developing plans for ways to better connect the City to its Lake Erie waterfront. They will present a revised proposal at public meetings this fall.

The City of Eastlake recently adopted a new comprehensive plan. It was prepared by the City's Economic & Community Development Council, the Lake County Planning Commission, and the Chagrin River Watershed Partners.

As the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority continues planning for its relocation to a site north of East 55th Street and for the redevelopment of its current downtown facilities, the Plain Dealer's Joe Frolik considered ways to enliven nearby Voinovich Park.

Wells + Associates, the engineering firm developing a master traffic plan for the City of Solon, recommends building a connector road to link Aurora Road to Route 422. The idea was first proposed last year as part of the Coral Co.'s since-withdrawn mixed-use development. The firm also suggests widening a section of Aurora Road.

Stanton Eckstut of Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects recently presented conceptual designs for redeveloping the 100 acres of Cleveland's downtown lakefront currently used by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. He envisions a dense, mixed use area with public parks and a lakefront promenade. There would be three overlapping districts: the harbor, the piers, and the park river district. He said that development should begin in three to five years. The presentation is available online (PDF, 14.6 MB). Some of the participants in the planning process discussed the concepts on WCPN's Sound of Ideas.

Proposals in a draft of the new Solon master plan would enlarge the City's commercial areas. Meanwhile, Giant Eagle hopes to double the size of its Solar Center store to 99,900 square feet. Six parcels on Aurora Road must be rezoned by residents in order for the expansion to proceed.

Later this year, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will begin work on a new trails plan. The current trails plan was prepared in 1985. Meanwhile, National Park Superintendent John Debo announced his retirement today (PDF), effective July 3. In August, he will become the chief development officer of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association. Debo has served as superintendent for 21 years.

Update: the Akron Beacon Journal and WKSU have more information about Debo's departure. The Beacon Journal also published a very positive editorial.

Local stakeholders differ in their visions for the future of the Euclid Avenue corridor in Cleveland's Midtown neighborhood. MidTown Cleveland Inc.'s master plan calls for redeveloping the area as a technology and health district, yet current development proposals are more heavily institutional and residential. The City of Cleveland is promoting the proposed Midtown Technology Center site as a location for a new state psychiatric hospital. MidTown Cleveland is not opposing the hospital concept, but objects to the Cleveland Housing Networks plans to build permanent supportive housing and Pirhl's proposed senior housing project. Carole Cohen considers the flexibility of master plans.

Cleveland Heights City Council candidate Toby Rittner asserts that the City needs a new comprehensive master plan and economic strategy, saying that it "should encompass all residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors and include specifics for physical and economic development, with benchmarks to measure the plan's success on a yearly basis."

North Royalton officials attended the recent ICSC conference in Las Vegas and came to the conclusion that the Town Center district must be developed in phases. Community Development Director Thomas Jordan said that "the concept of getting 300 acres under development all at one time and getting a bank to finance the acquisition and construction in one large loan is unrealistic."

Sisters of Charity Health System hope to embark on a $75 million upgrade of the St. Vincent Charity Hospital campus in Cleveland. They are also interested in developing a neighborhood plan with Quadrangle neighbors Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

Solon Planning Director Rob Frankland told City Council that they may have to allow the construction of big box retail developments for the City's shopping centers to remain competitive. Simultaneously, Giant Eagle has begun talking about building a new store at an undisclosed site that is not near Solon's other retail establishments. As part of the master planning process, Frankland suggested enlarging the City's commercial districts. He also said the plan may call for widening Solon Road. The City has posted two sections of the draft master plan (PDFs). Two more special meetings will be held in early June.

The Sun Sentinel summarized the recent public meeting at which the draft North Ridgeville Master Plan was presented. Video of the meeting is available at YouTube.

On Thursday, a number of waterfront planning experts from around the world participated in two sessions about redesigning the downtown lakefront land currently occupied by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. The Port Authority plans to begin relocating to new facilities north of East 55th Street in about 10 years.

Update: GreenCityBlueLake also has a recap of the presentations.

The City of North Ridgeville posted a draft of the City's new master plan. It will be presented to the public at a meeting on April 29 at the North Ridgeville Public Library.

A Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority committee selected the New York firm of Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects to develop a master plan for the redevelopment of the Port's current downtown Cleveland facilities. The firm has worldwide experience in urban waterfront planning, including an award-winning master plan for Battery Park in New York City. PA Consulting Group of London was picked to prepare a market analysis of the site. Port Authority committees also learned that the Port should receive $15 million in stimulus funds, which is less than the $26.5 million it was seeking.

The Levin College Forum at CSU will host "a discussion about the unprecedented opportunity for economic transformation on Cleveland's lakefront" on April 30. "Transforming Cleveland by Building a World Class Waterfront" will include an overview from City of Cleveland and Port Authority leaders, followed by a panel discussion.

The City of North Olmsted is conducting the Great Northern Multi Modal Transportation Plan, which will "include recommendations and alternatives for encouraging transit usage, creating bicycle linkages, promoting pedestrian orientation and enhancing the streetscape through physical improvements."

Neighbors of John Carroll University remain concerned about the school's plans to grow, and recently presented their own vision to University Heights City Council. Meanwhile, Shaker Heights neighbors of the University want more information about the plans. University officials say that they are keeping Shaker Heights informed.

Hudson Mayor William Currin, chairman of the Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association, wrote in a Plain Dealer op-ed that now is the time for regional cooperation in Northeast Ohio, and announced the new Regional Prosperity Initiative. The new initiative promotes regional land use planning and revenue sharing as ways to achieve a prosperous future.

Solon's new master plan may call for tearing down three shopping centers and replacing them with new retail and mixed-use construction that would stand closer to the street.

GreenCityBlueLake's Marc Lefkowitz notes that the recently-released draft of the AMATS regional transportation plan makes no mention of climate change. He then names some areas where the plan could address the issue.

University Heights City Council's Committee on University Affairs is considering the proposed footprint (PDF) offered by John Carroll University. The committee will hold its next meeting on March 5.

The transportation portion of Governor Strickland's budget proposal includes tolls for new road construction, support for commuter rail, and new funding mechanisms for road improvements, among other items. Meanwhile, AMATS unveiled a draft of its Transportation Outlook (PDF) for Summit and Portage counties. It will be open for public comment (PDF) through February 27.

An amendment to the recently-adopted land bank bill requires Ohio port authorities to conduct master plans and hold public hearings. It is known as the Hauser amendment, in recognition of the late Ed Hauser, who had promoted the language.

The City of Solon is updating its master plan. Next month, Planning Director Rob Frankland will share his recommendations for downtown Solon. The City's last master plan was completed in 1975.

The City of Olmsted Falls hired Poggemeyer Design Group to develop a master plan for the City's downtown. Earlier this year, the company completed a study of the Columbia Road corridor.

The AIA Sustainable Design Team's visit to Parma last week culminated in a public meeting where they presented information about their process, the City's assets and challenges, and their suggestions (PDF, 13.2 MB). The team will prepare a final report for the City.

Consultants for the City of Olmsted Falls made a final presentation of the Columbia Road Corridor Study last week. Some City Council members have reservations about aspects of the plan, which will now go before the City's Planning Commission.

The North Ridgeville Master Plan Committee is seeking public input as they begin the process of updating the City's 1997 master plan (PDF). The committee's next meeting will be on October 8.

Update: the Chronicle-Telegram has more details.

The Streetsboro Master Plan Commission recommended selecting Bird Houk Collaborative of Gahanna to prepare the City's new master plan. The firm proposed a five phase process that would take ten months to complete.

The Streetsboro Master Plan Commission is scheduled to recommend a firm to prepare a new master plan on August 14. The selection also requires City Council approval.

Plans for the redevelopment of downtown Independence may have a senior housing component. City leaders intend to develop a master plan for the area, and may ask voters to approve the senior housing next year.

Six firms submitted proposals for the preparation of a new master plan for the City of Streetsboro. The City's process for selecting a firm has not been finalized.

Steven Litt considers how outgoing CSU President Michael Schwartz has improved the campus through better master planning. He says that Schwartz's retirement announcement provides an opportunity to "reflect on just how much the city owes him, not just for raising academic standards over the past seven years, but for scrapping the university's old plan and coming up with something far better."

The new issue of the Heights Observer includes a look at the Severance Center area, an essay on the prospects of a Cleveland Heights-University Heights merger, and more details about the transportation and streetscape planning process in the Cedar-Fairmount district. The City of Cleveland Heights is currently conducting a stakeholder survey.

A land use study was released for the Route 8 corridor in Northern Summit County yesterday. It includes an analysis of 918 acres in Macedonia, Boston Heights, and Northfield Center Township. Less than half of the area is developable because of environmental restrictions on the land. Among other items, the study identified opportunities that a restoration of Brandywine Creek could create.

Update: Silverlode Consulting Corp.'s slideshow (PDF, 1.9 MB) is now online.

Brecksville officials are reviewing the recommendations in a report about the proposed development of the Crow property at Miller Road and I-77. Mayor Hruby does not expect a rezoning decision to be made this year.

Mayors in the 16 county Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association yesterday voted to accept the recommendations of phase one of the Regional Economic Revenue Study and to move forward with its second phase. The report (summary, PDF; full report, PDF) calls for revenue sharing and regional land use planning. The effort differs from previous attempts because it has backing from suburban as well as big city officials. While the group's members overwhelmingly endorsed the plan, some Lorain County leaders expressed skepticism about the concept.

John Carroll University officials presented their new campus master plan to University Heights City Council on Monday. The University is interested in expanding its footprint in order to provide additional athletic fields, residence halls, and surface parking.

With the appointments to the Streetsboro Master Plan Commission nearly complete, the City is expected to soon issue an RFP for the preparation of a new master plan. Streetsboro voters approved the Commission's creation in November.

At its Friday meeting, the NOACA Governing Board adopted a new Regional Bicycle Transportation Plan (PDF). It is an update to a 1997 plan, and will be incorporated into the agency's long range transportation plan.

The Coral Co.'s plans for the mixed-use Central Parc development in Solon include building a new four-lane public road. The City hired hired Wells + Associates to conduct a comprehensive traffic study. Planning Director Rob Frankland also suggested three options for providing "a smooth land use transition from the commercial-office portions of the proposed Coral project to the existing single-family residential subdivisions".

Neighbors of John Carroll University in University Heights and Shaker Heights are concerned about the institution's plans for growth. The University intends to unveil its new master plan in May.

Solon officials would like the firm of Wells + Associates to update the City's traffic plan to reflect the impacts of the proposed Central Parc development. The Coral Co. agreed to pay for part of the traffic study.

The Chester Master Plan Steering Committee will hold a series of public meetings beginning in mid-February. If there is sufficient public interest, consultants may be hired to lead workshops and update the zoning code.

The board of the Macedonia and Northfield Center Township JEDD approved funding for the Route 8 corridor land use study. The board also voted to nullify an annexation agreement that it ratified last year for the proposed soccer stadium complex.

By February 1, the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce is expected to select a consultant to prepare a land use study for the Route 8 corridor between Highland Road and Hines Hill Road in Macedonia and Northfield Center Township.

The upcoming study of the Auburn Corners area will help formulate a balanced growth plan, highlighting opportunities for both development and conservation.

The City of Cleveland is seeking interdisciplinary consultants to develop the Canal Basin District Plan, which will be a conceptual study intended to "help to establish a roadmap for future public and private investment decisions that will turn the Cuyahoga River Valley into a major attraction for residents and visitors, alike."

Kent State University and the Chagrin River Watershed Partners will prepare a land use plan for Auburn Township in Geauga County. The plan will focus on the Auburn Corners area, and a public meeting will be held on January 17.

Last month, John Carroll University held three neighborhood meetings about the campus master plan at the homes of nearby residents. University officials expect the plan to be finalized in spring 2008.

The Aurora Planning Commission has been categorizing the recommendations identified in the City's draft master plan, and will prioritize them at its next meeting. Streetsboro officials are not satisfied with proposals from consultants to prepare a new master plan, and may issue a new RFP.

South Euclid officials intend to focus on greenspace issues next year. They plan to adopt a greenspace plan, update the City's master plan, hire a consultant, and investigate the best uses for several undeveloped City-owned properties.

About 50 people attended a Master Plan Steering Committee meeting in Chester. The Committee hopes to make the town center area more pedestrian and bike-friendly.

The Aurora Planning Commission will take a few months to refine the City's draft master plan. Municipal officials hope the Planning Commission will complete its work by February 1.

Lyndhurst City Council enacted a development moratorium on all non-residential parcels of one acre or larger for at least the next six months, while the City's master plan is being updated.

If passed, Issue 25 in Streetsboro will establish a master plan review commission. The City may hire McKenna Associates to update its master plan.

Members of the Aurora Planning Commission have begun to review a draft of the City's new master plan. They are scheduled to discuss the plan at their November 7 meeting.

At its final meeting, the Aurora Master Plan Review Commission approved a set of recommendations that include developing a sidewalk plan, establishing an economic development department, and implementing a streetscape project. The draft master plan will now go before the Aurora Planning Commission.

The master planning process for John Carroll University is taking longer than expected. Sasaki Associates is preparing the plan and is currently gathering information. Representatives from the University and Sasaki are scheduled to meet with community leaders next month and plan to hold a community meeting in late November or early December.

The Cleveland City Planning Commission approved a development plan for the Warehouse District on Friday. The plan establishes design concepts for streets, sidewalks, and nearby land. It calls for adding greenspace, enhancing the neighborhood's sense of place, and improving its pedestrian friendliness.

Frank Jackson announced yesterday that Burke Lakefront Airport will remain open indefinitely. A master plan for the airport should be completed next month. Steven Litt of the Plain Dealer says that keeping the airport open will channel residential development into downtown Cleveland.

Mayor Jackson also wants to develop the area around Cleveland Hopkins Airport as an "aerotropolis" of aviation-related businesses. Channel 3's Tom Beres interviewed Ricky Smith, Director of the Cleveland Department of Port Control.

Macedonia Mayor Don Kuchta expects that the proposed soccer stadium complex will not be built in the near future. He also wants to conduct an economic development study for the Route 8 corridor.

(Update: The News-Leader has more details.)

NASA has approved the $150 million redesign of the NASA Glenn Research Center. The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority will be the master developer overseeing the 20-year program that will transform the facility.

With funding in place, work on the first phase of the Big Creek Watershed Management Plan is beginning. It's expected to continue through spring 2008.

The Aurora Master Plan Review Commission is finalizing an executive summary of the new city master plan. The Commission is expected to approve the plan at its September 25 meeting and forward the plan to the City's Planning Commission.

The 19th annual OPC Cleveland Planning & Zoning Workshop (PDF) will be held on November 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at LaCentre in Westlake.

The Plain Dealer examined the impacts of acute outmigration on Cleveland neighborhoods, explored the strategies proposed by shrinking cities advocates, and looked at the reactions from Cleveland politicians.

NASA Glenn Research Center and the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority reached a memorandum of understanding for the development of a land use plan for the 350 acre NASA campus.

Cleveland airport officials and consultants have begun work on a master plan for Burke Lakefront Airport, and hope to have the plan completed by October. A public meeting last Thursday was sparsely attended due to inclement weather, and a second public meeting will be held on Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Burke Lakefront Airport. This morning's Sound of Ideas on WCPN was devoted to a discussion about the future of the airport.

The Aurora Master Plan Review Commission is expected to complete its work within the next few weeks. The Aurora Planning Commission and City Council will review the draft master plan this fall.

The Aurora Master Plan Review Commission is seeking public input on the plan. The panel is scheduled to receive a first draft of the plan at their July 24 meeting.

Bentleyville officials will hold a public meeting where residents can share their thoughts about the Village's proposed master plan. It will be held on June 26 at 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall.

While Cuyahoga County has a legal opinion that states Cleveland's charter gives the County the right to overrule the Cleveland City Planning Commission and demolish the Cleveland Trust Tower, Commissioner Hagan said they "will not move ahead unless the mayor and council president assures us that under the charter we can move ahead without acquiescence of the planning commission." Plain Dealer architecture critic Steven Litt feels that bypassing the Planning Commission would place it at a disadvantage in the future.

At the June 8 Planning Commission meeting, former Cleveland Planning Director Hunter Morrison presented his Seven Decision-making Principles for Major Redevelopment Projects.

Bedford officials surveyed residents to gather input for an update of the City's master plan.

The Presidents' Council, a group of local African American business leaders, will unveil "Regionalism: Growing Together to Expand Opportunity to All" this evening. The report offers recommendations for how regional cooperation can benefit the poor and minorities. Public forums will be held to gather input on the suggestions, and Cleveland officials will create a plan based on the study within 60 to 90 days.

(Update: The Plain Dealer and WCPN have more information about the report.)

Chester residents met last week to discuss a proposal for creating a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use town center.

The State Role in Guiding Land Use Change in the Ohio Lake Erie Basin, a new report, identified "which land planning and management policies and mechanisms have been used to effectively shape land development processes to achieve a more sustainable or balanced outcome, and what policy and program changes and incentives would likely prove most effective in changing land development and conservation patterns".

The Ohio Department of Natural resources awarded $250,000 in Coastal Management Assistance Grants. The awards included $19,950 to the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization to conduct the Big Creek Watershed Management Plan, and $11,000 to Northeast Shores Development Corporation for the Euclid Beach Fishing Pier Feasibility Study.

GreenCityBlueLake recaps the Shrinking Cities Symposium held on Friday at Josaphat Arts Hall.

Michael Gill of the Free Times reviews the Shrinking Cities exhibit, as does the Plain Dealer's Dan Tranberg. The next Shrinking Cities event will be music and movies on May 18 at Hyacinth Park.

GreenCityBlueLake provides more details about the Shrinking Cities symposium, exhibition, and events taking place this month and next.

Political science students at Baldwin-Wallace College polled 417 Cuyahoga County residents about the future of Burke Lakefront Airport. The results show that a consensus on the best use of the site has not emerged, but a majority want increased public access to Lake Erie, regardless of whether the airport remains.

The international Shrinking Cities program will come to Cleveland beginning on April 20, when their exhibition opens at SPACES Gallery and at the Cleveland Urban Design Center. Nicole Minten-Jung, Shrinking Cities Assistant Curator, will speak at the UDC before the gallery opening on the 20th, and a symposium will be held on May 11 at Josaphat Arts Hall. Additional events and lectures are planned. It will run through June 8.

Earlier this month, officials at NASA Glenn Research Center submitted a master plan that involves consolidating its central campus, growing its western campus, and increasing visibility and access to its northern campus. NASA leadership is expected to make a decision on the plan by this summer.

Today's Plain Dealer provides additional details about the new master plan for NASA Glenn Research Center. If approved by NASA, work could begin in 2009 and continue for 20 years.

NASA unveiled a new master plan for Glenn Research Center. It calls for new office buildings, an auditorium and conference area, a public outreach district, and "a campus center that would function as downtown Glenn." The public outreach area, which will feature a new Aerospace Education Center, will be built on the site of the Center's two buildings in Fairview Park.

Roldo Bartimole is skeptical about Mayor Jackson's plans for Cleveland, and also writes about tax abatement, Gateway loan repayments, and bicycle planning.

On Tuesday's Sound of Ideas program on WCPN, Frank Jackson shared his thoughts on the Cleveland redevelopment strategy, capital improvement plan, and tax abatement policy. Also appearing on the show were Becky Gaylord of the Plain Dealer, Jay Miller of Crain's Cleveland Business, and Ward 11 Councilman Mike Polensek.

RE:New, a new program from AIA Cleveland and the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, will assist local governments and organizations with urban design and planning projects. Proposals are due on February 16.

(Update: an application form (PDF) is now online)

A Plain Dealer editorial refers to Frank Jackson's new capital improvement plan as "a down payment on a huge, long-term investment," and says he will have to convince people that the plan is worthwhile.

In Independence, the Downtown Master Plan Task Force (PDF) submitted a draft plan to municipal leaders for review. City Council and the Planning Commission will hold a joint work session to discuss the plan's recommendations.

A USA Today article on the shrinking cities movement includes mentions of initiatives in Cleveland and Youngstown.

(via Crain's Cleveland Business)

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