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Cuyahoga County is again considering runway expansion plans for County Airport. Seven alternatives are being examined. The County Airport environmental assessment project will hold its first public open house on February 27.

Update: unlike earlier plans, the current proposal has generated little controversy.

The Ohio Department of Transportation issued the first documents in its Access Ohio 2040 long-range transportation plan. The PDFs include a demographic profile, a best practices paper, and two technical reports. They're also conducting a transportation preferences survey.

The City of Cleveland's plans for Burke Lakefront Airport include increasing hangar space (possibly on the site of the former Aviation High School), building a new terminal, and adding a runway. Lute Harmon of Inside Business is among those who think that it would be better to close the airport.

The Center for Public Management at CSU's Levin College of Urban Affairs prepared a study (PDFs: executive summary, complete report) on the feasibility of developing an aerotropolis around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It says that the area "has potential as an aerotropolis, but its particular challenges require the development of a strategy that fits the Cleveland area's unique strengths and needs."

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport officials unveiled a new 25-year master plan at a public workshop on Thursday. It recommends a variety of improvements, including a new hotel and an above-ground connection between concourses C and D. A Morning Journal editorial says that "pursuing big plans to make Hopkins a more desirable airpor [sic] makes good sense." Ricky Smith, director of Cleveland's Department of Port Control, is scheduled to speak at the City Club on April 20.

Update: Crain's Cleveland Business and WKSU provided more details.

Update 2: the City Club posted audio (MP3, 52.9 MB) and video of Ricky Smith's talk.

Participants on Monday's Sound of Ideas program discussed the Soul of the Community survey and what makes people attached to their cities. Tuesday's program was devoted to a discussion about the future of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Update: Neotropolis also looked at the Soul of the Community survey.

Consultants Landrum & Brown are conducting an update of the master plan for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Ten alternatives for improving the airport's concourses were shared at a public workshop on Wednesday evening. Additional public meetings will be held in the first quarter of 2011.

Columbus blogger Jeff Johnson considered the future of intercity transportation in Ohio and drew connections between the potential loss of the Continental hub in Cleveland and the merits of investing in passenger rail.

Cuyahoga County Airport officials dropped their plans to extend a runway and reroute surrounding roads. The alternative recently approved by the Cuyahoga County Commissioners instead calls for modifications within the airport's existing footprint.

Update: the Plain Dealer has more information. The Sun Messenger also published details about the plans.

A group of Brooklyn Centre residents objects to the Ohio Department of Transportation's plans to install noise walls along I-71. They prefer plant-based noise barriers. Meanwhile, the Cuyahoga County Commissioners adopted a voluntary noise abatement procedure for Cuyahoga County Airport.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport recently released a draft (PDF, 46.5 MB) of its noise and land use study, and last week (PDF) held two open houses where residents shared their concerns. The document is open to public comment through June 30.

Update: the Sun Post-Herald has more details.

Ideastream's David Kanzeg said that the potential cuts in flights at Cleveland's airline hub provides an "opportunity to reimagine Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as the Midwest's first intermodal passenger transportation hub."

Cleveland City Planning Commission Chairman Anthony Coyne wrote a defense of Burke Lakefront Airport, listing the reasons why he believes it should be maintained as an active airport.

Brent Larkin believes that Cleveland needs to close Burke Lakefront Airport and turn it into "a world-class development that could transform downtown." An editorial in the Sun Messenger encourages Cleveland and Cuyahoga County officials to coordinate their positions on the region's airports.

An article in this week's issue of West Life offers more information about the Aerotropolis study being conducted by Cleveland State University. The study should be completed by the end of the month.

Attorney Richard Knoth, the vice chair of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority board, wrote a memo (PDF) that calls for closing Burke Lakefront Airport and relocating the port facilities to the site. Frank Jackson said Burke will remain open and that he remains committed to the East 55th Street port relocation plan. A Plain Dealer editorial says that "Cleveland needs all options on the table".

Cleveland and Cuyahoga County officials are willing to discuss a possible merger of Burke Lakefront Airport and Cuyahoga County Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration wants both airports to remain open. Meanwhile, County Airport staff is considering alternatives to the airport's master plan.

Update: Cuyahoga County Economic Development Director Paul Oyaski does not support closing Cuyahoga County Airport.

Cleveland Director of Port Control Ricky Smith proposed closing Cuyahoga County Airport and consolidating service at Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport. Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones said he'd consider the idea.

Planners of the proposed aerotropolis around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport began receiving feedback at the first of the aerotropolis stakeholder sessions yesterday.

The interior makeover of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is half complete, as manager BAA modernizes the terminal and converts the airport's retail establishments to its airmall concept.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is conducting an update of its Noise Compatibility Program. Work on the 18–24-month noise study, last completed in 2000, began in January.

Willoughby Hills leaders urged the over 100 people who attended a public hearing to organize in opposition to the planned runway extension at Cuyahoga County Airport. A Euclid Sun Journal editorial also opposes the extension.

The City of Cleveland and a group of neighboring communities hope to create an aerotropolis around Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Mayor Jackson proposed the concept in 2007. Cleveland officials also want to build retail on City-owned property near the airport.

Willoughby Hills leaders are still opposed to the runway extension planned for Cuyahoga County Airport, and are examining their options.

Richmond Heights leaders remain dissatisfied with the planned runway extension at Cuyahoga County Airport, and City Council passed a resolution on Tuesday expressing its opposition.

A runway extension at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was officially opened at a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday. FAA grants covered 75% of the $44.2 million project.

The Cuyahoga County Commissioners will revisit the Cuyahoga County Airport master plan at their meeting on Thursday. The plan was tabled last April following opposition to runway extension plans from residents and politicians in Highland Heights, Richmond Heights, and Willoughby Hills.

Update: the Commissioners unanimously voted to submit the development plan to the FAA.

RTA plans to provide long-term parking at some rapid transit stations in order to increase the popularity of its service to Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

The theme of the third "Cleveland Plus: Turning the Corner" discussion at the City Club (MP3, 25.4 MB) was infrastructure and transportation. The participants were Ricky Smith of the Cleveland Department of Port Control, Bonita Teeuwen of ODOT District 12, and Adam Wasserman of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. The final event in the series will be held on December 17, and will the examine the changing regional economy.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport received an $880,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to study noise pollution issues. The funds will be used to place sound monitors in communities near the airport. If areas with noise levels that exceed federal standards are found, Hopkins officials will seek federal funding for soundproofing homes.

Because of challenges facing the airline industry, Continental Airlines is scaling back and postponing parts of the $50 million Cleveland Hopkins expansion it announced last fall.

The Cuyahoga County Commissioners are expected to vote on Cuyahoga County Airport runway extension plans at their meeting on Thursday morning. The cities of Highland Heights, Richmond Heights, and Willoughby Hills oppose the plan, but the Commissioners say they need to consider economic factors in addition to the opinions of the airport's neighbors.

Members of Richmond Heights City Council are trying to decide whether to support or oppose the planned Cuyahoga County Airport runway extension. Many residents are firmly opposed to the extension.

Cuyahoga County Airport officials have been holding public meetings and making presentations (PDF) to city councils about the latest runway extension plan for the airport. Additional community meetings will be held over the next several months.

The Cuyahoga County Department of Development and its engineering consultant recommended an alternative for extending the runway at Cuyahoga County Airport. The alternative (PDF) calls for extending the runway at both ends and realigning Richmond and Bishop Roads. It does not require the acquisition of any residential properties. Willoughby Hills officials remain opposed to the extension.

Update: the Plain Dealer published more details and a diagram.

The Plain Dealer suggested that Cleveland's decision to keep Burke Lakefront Airport open was influenced by the City's desire to please Continental Airlines. Cleveland Director of Port Control Ricky Smith appeared on Monday's Sound of Ideas on WCPN to discuss airport issues.

Frank Jackson announced yesterday that Burke Lakefront Airport will remain open indefinitely. A master plan for the airport should be completed next month. Steven Litt of the Plain Dealer says that keeping the airport open will channel residential development into downtown Cleveland.

Mayor Jackson also wants to develop the area around Cleveland Hopkins Airport as an "aerotropolis" of aviation-related businesses. Channel 3's Tom Beres interviewed Ricky Smith, Director of the Cleveland Department of Port Control.

Continental Airlines announced on Friday that it will embark on a $50 million expansion of its Cleveland Hopkins hub. Ohio offered $16 million in incentives to support the expansion. It's expected to provide 700 new jobs, a 40% increase in capacity, and 20 new nonstop destinations. A Plain Dealer editorial called it "unambiguously fantastic news".

Cleveland airport officials and consultants have begun work on a master plan for Burke Lakefront Airport, and hope to have the plan completed by October. A public meeting last Thursday was sparsely attended due to inclement weather, and a second public meeting will be held on Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Burke Lakefront Airport. This morning's Sound of Ideas on WCPN was devoted to a discussion about the future of the airport.

Recent Plain Dealer editorials say that "Greater Cleveland would benefit tremendously" from an expansion of the Continental Airlines hub at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, that the new Presidents' Council report on regionalism and equity is a "reminder that one of the most important goals of regional cooperation should be to improve the lives of as many people as possible," and that the planned Chagrin Falls arts district should make the Village "even more irresistible."

The State of Ohio offered a $16 million financial incentive package to Continental Airlines to attract a potential $50 million expansion of their Cleveland Hopkins hub.

Thomas Slavin, the owner of Million Air Cleveland, told a City Club audience that he thinks Burke Lakefront Airport has tremendous potential for expansion.

(Update: Slavin's talk (MP3, 19.8 MB) is now available online.)

The City of Cleveland has exhausted the $36 million budgeted for phase one of the Home Acquisition Program for the planned expansion of Cleveland Hopkins Airport. The Brook Park houses in zones one through four were purchased, but zones five and six were shifted to phase two.

Continental Airlines also announced that they may expand one of their three U.S. hubs. The Ohio House earmarked $1.5 million for a $45 million Hopkins expansion, and the state awarded the airline a $900,000 grant to help pay for new equipment and machinery. Continental would cover most of the remaining expenses.

Aviation experts support the decision of Cleveland Hopkins officials to not lengthen a runway for nonstop flights to Asia. "Cleveland itself is not going to be an Asian gateway. You just don't have the horsepower. If you don't need it, don't spend it."

Plans to extend a runway at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to accommodate service to the Pacific Rim have been indefinitely delayed. Instead of extending the runway to 11,250 feet, it will be lengthened to 10,000 feet and an intersection with a smaller runway will be eliminated.

The Plain Dealer reminds readers that Burke Lakefront Airport is built upon landfill and dredge material, and would require extensive remediation and stabilization in order to be redeveloped. Meanwhile, some suggest that instead of closing Burke, the Cuyahoga County Airport should be closed and its traffic shifted to Burke.

Political science students at Baldwin-Wallace College polled 417 Cuyahoga County residents about the future of Burke Lakefront Airport. The results show that a consensus on the best use of the site has not emerged, but a majority want increased public access to Lake Erie, regardless of whether the airport remains.

Alternative expansion plans for the expansion of Cuyahoga County Airport are under consideration after the Cuyahoga and Lake County Commissioners rejected the initial option of expanding into Willoughby Hills.

Willoughby Hills residents and politicians are opposed to an expansion of the Cuyahoga County Airport that may be proposed in the master plan currently being conducted. Willoughby Hills City Council recently hired attorney David Zoll to help fight any expansion.

(Update: The News-Herald provides additional details.)

Mayor Lorenz of Willoughby Hills announced that "all facts and figures point towards" expansion of the Cuyahoga County Airport runway in Willoughby Hills by 900 feet, but Cuyahoga County Department of Development Director Paul Oyaski said that "No decision has been made about runway expansion."

Although the planned expansion of Cleveland Hopkins Airport has yet to begin, the Brook Park neighborhood on the site of the expansion area is mostly empty today. Cleveland officials pledge to continue the $36 million residential buyout program.

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