Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide

The Euclid Creek Watershed is a small watershed of 24 square miles that is highly urbanized. The many pressures from alterations in land use have resulted in water quantity and quality problems for Euclid Creek. The Watershed Planning Guide will help to support the Watershed Council (consisting of mayors from nine of the Euclid Creek Communities), the Friends of Euclid Creek, and the Watershed Coordinator as they begin to address issues within this urbanized watershed. The hope is for this document to serve as a guide for implementing projects throughout the watershed.

This planning guide addresses land use on a watershed scale from a variety of perspectives (e.g. ecological, economical, cultural, and social). It also advances the Cuyahoga County Greenspace Plan of which the overall goals are to protect and restore greenspace, connect residents to the natural environment, and beautify neighborhoods and streets. The Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide offers recommendations on land use options (protection, restoration, development/redevelopment, and management considerations) as they relate to water quality as well as trail/bike connections and community infrastructure enhancements. There is a delicate balance between the natural and man-made environments; this document helps to blend these for a more comprehensive way of looking at the watershed.

The Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide was developed in conjunction with the Watershed Action Plan (compiled by the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District) and the TMDL Report (developed by the Ohio EPA).