Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Cuyahoga County Planning Geographic Information System

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission is pleased to present its Greenprint Viewer. This modern online geographic information system (GIS) was developed in conjunction with the Cuyahoga County Greenprint Guide Book and in partnership with the Cuyahoga County GIS Department. It features a variety of data from local, state, and federal sources that go beyond typical online maps, as well as tools for measuring, querying, and markup. The mapper is designed to function across platforms, and will operate on desktop and mobile systems. Map services are also available (features and tiled images), and the GIS includes a Technical Guide with instructions, layer information, and a FAQ.

The Greenprint Viewer GIS is intended to help users to evaluate aspects of Cuyahoga County's natural and man-made systems. For other research, the County's MyPlace Viewer is a valuable option.


The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission has provided digital mapping services for Cuyahoga County since the early 1990s. Our earliest online GIS, the Brownfields GIS, was developed in the late 1990s to support brownfields redevelopment, with the financial support of the George Gund Foundation. Our second-generation online GIS, the Community Planning GIS, was launched in 2009. Constructed on the Cuyahoga Enterprise GIS (CEGIS) platform, it featured numerous data layers complied from a variety of sources, and was developed with the help of many partners. Our Greenprint Viewer, launched in 2015, continues this tradition of providing online GIS capabilities for the public.

Additional mapping

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission GIS staff is available to assist with your mapping and data needs. Please contact us with your custom mapping requests.