Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Cuyahoga County Community Planning Geographic Information System

Community Planning Geographic Information System

The Cuyahoga County Community Planning Geographic Information System (GIS) is a mapping and spatial analysis tool intended for use by a wide range of persons and organizations, from individual citizens to public, private, and non-profit organizations. This GIS makes information about Cuyahoga County's features accessible and creates opportunities to manipulate data for decision-making.


The Community Planning GIS is the latest of a series of digital mapping systems serving Cuyahoga County since the early 1990s. This more robust system replaces the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission "Brownfield GIS", which was developed beginning in the late 1990s as a desktop application to support brownfields redevelopment, with the financial support of the George Gund Foundation.

The Community Planning GIS is constructed on the Cuyahoga Enterprise GIS (CEGIS) platform, a set of GIS databases recently developed by the Cuyahoga County Engineer, together with the Cuyahoga County Auditor and funded by the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners. The data sets include land parcels, streets, aerial photography, and many other features. To make that spatial data accessible to the public, the County Engineer developed MyCuyahoga, a web-based GIS portal.

The Community Planning GIS now provides more powerful search tools, data layers, and reporting capabilities regarding the County and its natural systems, social and economic characteristics, and infrastructure. It was developed with the help of many partners, including:

The Future

The Planning Commission is continuing to add additional data layers, analytical tools, and functionality. We welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions.

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