Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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This 2002 plan presented a vision for greenspace protection and restoration in Cuyahoga County. For newer information, please see the Greenprint Guide Book.

Cuyahoga County Greenspace Plan


Greenspace Plan


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Greenspace Plan Elements


Greenspace Plan Goals

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After the basic elements of the plan were developed, opportunities for open space protection and trail connections were more closely identified. The Cuyahoga County Greenprint is a vision for Cuyahoga County which serves as an organizing framework for our county, linking communities to each other and to our environment. It builds off previous park and environmental planning efforts and identifies new opportunities for open space protection and the creation of connections. Many ideas from other planning studies and from the series of Greenspace public meetings were incorporated into the Greenprint. The Greenprint provides a direction for cooperation between communities and for more localized and detailed open space planning. In addition to making connections within Cuyahoga County, the Greenprint attempts to identify connections to surrounding counties.

For a more detailed explanation of the concepts behind the Greenprint, please refer to the Greenspace Plan Elements section.

The Greenprint shows the location of existing parks (usually those larger than 2 acres). It also highlights those greenspace corridors that should be the focus of environmental management and restoration, and open space protection and reclamation. Waterways, which are often the center of the greenspace corridors, are named. In some cases, larger creeks that have been buried and encased in culverts are identified for some of the older neighborhoods in the City of Cleveland.

Rocky River Reservation
The Greenprint builds off previous park development efforts like the creation of the Metroparks.

The Greenprint delineates existing boulevards. It also identifies major streets that have wider rights-of-way, connect to community centers, and which should be priorities for future greening improvements. The community centers include major shopping areas, clusters of institutional uses, or a combination of both. The locations of colleges, universities, and rapid stations and the names of major employment areas are also shown.

The Greenprint also identifies the routes of existing and potential trails. The potential routes involve a variety of locations including utility easements, greenspace corridors, abandoned rail corridors, institutional properties and right-of-ways.

Because of the size of the Greenprint, Cuyahoga County has been broken into a grid of approximately 5 mile squares. Clicking on the grid will take you to a map of the Greenprint for that portion of Cuyahoga County.

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