Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
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Mill Creek Watershed Initiative

Map of the Mill Creek watershed

In December 2007, the Mill Creek Watershed Initiative began with the desire to develop a strategy that integrated land use, watershed health, and community priorities. This strategy emphasized four themes:

  • Economic Development
  • Health and Wellness through Nature
  • Educational Advancement through Outdoor Learning
  • Storm Water Management through Natural Ecological Functions

The nine municipalities in the watershed, along with private sector institutions, governmental and non-profit agencies organized to advise the process and develop a comprehensive set of strategies.

The Mill Creek Watershed Initiative: Strategies for Total Community Health is a set of initial, basic recommended actions on which there is strong consensus among partnership participants. These strategies will be used to:

  • Unite the communities' leadership and citizenry around specific projects as well as the broader, framework vision
  • Drive collaboration and support of project implementation throughout the watershed and,
  • Strengthen opportunities for securing funding for projects now and in the future.

Final Document: November 2010

Entire document (6.0 MB)



For more information, please visit the Mill Creek Watershed Partnership.