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Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council

Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program

Natural Resources Assistance Council
Clean Ohio Fund

The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program helps to fund the preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors. The District One Natural Resources Assistance Council administers the program in Cuyahoga County.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 13, 2015, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Watershed Stewardship Center at West Creek
2277 West Ridgewood Drive
Parma, OH 44134

Program Year 10

House Bill 497 appropriated $37.5 million for Program Year 10 of the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program. Cuyahoga County's allocation for Round 10 is $3.39 million, plus there is a carryover balance of $997,215. The total available is $4.33 million. Check back here for updates on the schedule and application materials.

Program Year 9

This round's allocation amount is $3,591,322. There are many policy changes for Program Year 9, including a new preliminary screening procedure and eligibility checklist.
Round 9 Project Recommendations New!
Round 9 Final Project Rankings (PDF) New!
Round 9 Preliminary Project Rankings (PDF)
Round 9 Requests
Round 9 Manual (PDF)
State Application
Round 9 Application Supplement (MS Word)
Cuyahoga County Council Resolution of Support (MS Word)
ODOT Pre-Qualified Appraisers (PDF)
Glossary of Terms
Round 9 Schedule
Membership Roster
This presentation was made at the NRAC applicant workshop on October 15, 2014 and is available for downloading (PDF).

Historical Data

Round 8 (2014) Projects
Round 7 (2012) Projects
Round 6 (2010) Projects
Round 5 (2009) Projects
Round 4 (2006) Projects
Round 3 (2004) Projects
Round 2 (2003) Projects
Round 1 (2002) Projects


For more information, contact us or visit the Clean Ohio Fund.