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Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council

Round Two (2003) Projects


Treadway Creek Greenway Restoration Project

Total Project Cost: $1,132,277
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $745,316

Acquisition: 20.8 acres

The Treadway Creek Greenway Restoration project is located in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland. The project will restore and preserve 208 acres of riparian corridor and open space through conservation easements along Treadway Creek, a tributary to the Cuyahoga River and part of the Lower Big Creek Valley watershed.

Some of the key land parcels will be developed into a neighborhood trail connector from the Old Brooklyn neighborhood to the Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor's Towpath Trail.

The project also includes reforestation of land, planting vegetation for filtration and incorporating aesthetically pleasing and ecologically informed design within the riparian corridor.


Abram Creek Wetland Protection

Total Project Cost: $164,000
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $123,000

Acquisition Amount: 8.2 acres

The Cleveland Metroparks will acquire and protect the last 8.2 acres of critical wetlands in the Lake Abrams "core" area and create a buffer habitat adjacent to the largest cat-tail marsh in Middleburg Heights. The 8.2 acres are the last acres of the Lake Abram "core" area.

Since 194, the Metroparks has acquired 127 acres of the Lake Abrams wetlands. Metroparks stewardship will include protection from encroachment from adjacent commercial development, control of invasive species, reduction of storm runoff and the provision of public access via a proposed 2.1 mile Lake-to-Lake trail that has been submitted to the Ohio Natureworks and Recreation Trails Program.

Bradley Woods Access - Open Space Acquisition

Total Project Cost: $410,000
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $300,000

Acquisition Amount: 5.2 acres

The Bradley Woods Reservation (790 acres) is one of fourteen reservations owned and managed by the Cleveland Metroparks. There are two components to this project.

The Cuyahoga County Engineer is purchasing 7.3 acres of wetlands and 17 acres of forest land for a road widening project. These lands will be turned over to the Metroparks in fee title for resource management.

The second component is acquisition of a 5.2 acre parcel on Lorain Road that will provide a second entrance to park visitors.

Rocky River Upland and Open Space Acquisition

Total Project Cost: $196,000
Clean Ohio Recommendations: $105,000

Acquisition Amount: 8.5 acres

The Rocky River Uplands and Open Space Acquisition project is located in Olmsted Township and will preserve 8.5 acres of uplands adjacent to the 2,532 acre Rocky River Reservation.

The acres are to preserved by fee acquisition and conservation easements. The uplands are vitally important to conserving the unique grassland habitat (designed as one of the finest examples of meadow habitat due to its size and diversity of wildlife) and providing compatible r ecreational opportunities for the local community and park visitors.


Dusty Goldenrod Meadow Open Space Acquisition

Total Project Cost: $830,000
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $600,000

Acquisition Amount: 25 acres

The City of Highland Heights will acquire up to twenty-five (25) acres of environmentally sensitive land currently owned by the Mayfield School District.

The land is a mix of wooded swamp, wet meadow and wet forest and contains several streams that are the headwaters of the East Branch of the Euclid Creek.

Approximately 3.93 acres of the land is a Palustrine Meadow containing an unusual diversity of vascular plants (400+) which are rare and/endangered in Ohio or Cuyahoga County. Most notable is the Dusty Goldenrod (Solidag/Puberula) the only known location in Ohio.


Lakewood Lakefront Open Space Project

Total Project Cost: $1,452,082
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $777,804

Acquisition Amount: 1 acre

The Lakefront open space project involves the acquisition through a permanent easement of approximately one (1) acre of beach area on Lake Erie, immediately west of Lakewood Park. The acquisition will provide park visitors direct access to Lake Erie.

Currently, the parcel is inaccessible. Access will be provided via stairs, a new service road/promenade along the unused western shore of Lakewood Park, and an ADA-compliant hillside ramp.

Native vegetation and other landscaping to create a lakeshore habitat and to prevent erosion will be planted in various areas.


North Chagrin - Foster's Run Riparian Restoration

Total Project Cost: $1,215,500
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $705,500

Acquisition Amount: 0 acres

This riparian corridor project will restore 2,300 lineal feet of Foster's Run which is in the floodplain of the Chagrin River.

The work will consist of restoring the natural channel to stop the severe erosion and sedimentation caused by urban runoff. Restore four (4) acres of floodplain wetlands degraded by severe sedimentation. Enhance wildlife and vegetation of a 40-acre wetland complex, the largest publicly-owned wetland complex on the Chagrin River, and restore public access to the southern segment of the North Chagrin Reservation.

Beecher's Brook Stream Restoration/Acquisition

Total Project Cost: $192,283
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $81,283

Acquisition Amount: 4.3 acres

The Village will purchase 1.36 acres of open space along Beecher's Brook, a tributary of the Chagrin River. This is the first phase of 3-phased planned acquisition of 4.3 acres.

Acquisition of the land will allow the Village to construct a trail and an underpass under SOM Center Road to allow pedestrians and bicyclists easy access to the Chagrin River.


Berkeley Land Acquisition

Total Project Cost: $40,000
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $30,000

Acquisition Amount: 9 acres

A nine (9) acre parcel of land at the end of Berkeley Avenue will be purchased through a fee simple purchase.

Acquiring this property will preserve a high quality habitat, including streamside forests and sensitive hillsides adjacent to the Chagrin River.

Moreland Hills anticipates providing trail-head parking and limited hiking paths through this area.


West Creek Greenway: Quarry Creek and Henninger House

Total Project Cost: $227,000
Clean Ohio Recommendation: $160,500

Acquisition Amount: 29.9 acres

This project will finance the acquisition of key land parcels in the West Creek watershed, a scenic 9-miles long tributary of the Cuyahoga River, for the purpose of protecting a significant riparian corridor and facilitating the development of the Henninger House trailhead and Quarry Creek Historic District.

The trailhead will provide public access to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Cleveland Metroparks and the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation. This access will be provided to the residents of Parma, Seven Hills and Brooklyn Heights.

In addition, significant viewsheds and riparian habitats will be protected, stream bank erosion and sediment loading into the West Creek will be prevented and wooded riparian setbacks will be preserved.



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