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District One Natural Resources Assistance Council

Round Five (2009) Recommended Projects



Beecher's Brook - Hemlock Point Preservation

Total Project Cost: $405,000
Clean Ohio Award: $303,750
Acquisition Amount: 10 acres

The Cleveland Metroparks will acquire about 10 acres of ecologically significant land adjacent to the North Chagrin Reservation. This acquisition will enhance and buffer one of the most notable plateau forests and the only remaining high quality beech-maple forest in Cuyahoga County and provide public access, scenic vistas and a pleasing view along Wilson Mills Road. In addition to the preservation of the land, the Metroparks aquatic staff will monitor and restore the fish community in Beecher's Brook, a direct tributary to the Chagrin River.


Lake Link Trail and Greenway Corridor

Total Project Cost: $3,366,000
Clean Ohio Award: $1,300,000
Acquisition Amount: 2 acres

The Lake Link Greenway Trail project will acquire a strategic section of abandoned railroad right-of-way from the Scranton Peninsula/Irishtown Bend area in the Cleveland Flats district. This abandoned structure will become a recreational greenway and natural resource corridor connecting the Towpath Trail and the future Canal Basin Park to the Lake Erie Shoreline at Wendy Park.


West Creek: Reclaiming the Lost Valley

Total Project Cost: $120,575
Clean Ohio Award: $63,075
Acquisition Amount: 3.1 acres

The Reclaiming the Lost Valley project will allow the West Creek Preservation Committee to acquire 3.1 acres containing about 700 feet of the West Creek mainstem including the floodplain, the riparian area and the streamside forest. The acquisition will physically link previously conserved properties along West Creek which serve as both a wildlife corridor and a critical link in this segment of greenway trail.


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