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Olmsted Township Comprehensive Plan Update

Olmsted Township
Olmsted Township
Olmsted Township is currently underway in preparing an update of the Township's 1998 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF), a policy document that guides decisions related to future development in the township. The 1998 Plan contained a number of land use and zoning recommendations, many of which have been implemented. Since that time, the Township has experienced substantial residential growth. In fact, according to the 2010 Census, Olmsted Township had the 3rd highest rate of population growth since 2000 in Cuyahoga County, while the county as a whole lost over 8% of its population.

This is an opportune time to update the Plan: to assess the change that has occurred and to revise, expand and update land use policies that will shape the future of the Township.

Project Background

The Olmsted Township Trustees established a citizens advisory committee in early 2012 at the start of the project and the committee has been meeting regularly. Committee members were selected to represent a wide range of interests.

Two community-wide meetings will be held at key points during the project so that all residents and stakeholders have an opportunity to 1) help refine the issues and goals, 2) provide feedback on alternatives for achieving the goals and 3) comment on the possible implementation strategies.


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