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Whiskey Island


You can get to Whiskey Island, Wendy Park and the Whiskey Island Marina from the Shoreway, Ohio Route 2.

Exit the Shoreway (OH-2) at the Edgewater Park/Whiskey Island Exit and head north toward Lake Erie. Follow the signs to Whiskey Island, Wendy Park and Whiskey Island Marina. Turn right just before the fence for Edgewater Marina, heading east towards the Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant. At the fork in the road, veer to the right and continue past the overflow parking area at Edgewater Park and wind past the Sewer District Plant (on your left) until you reach the stop sign. At the stop, continue straight, heading east along Ed Hauser Way that lies between the Port Authority (on your left) and a set of railroad tracks (on your right). Ed Hauser Way eventually leads to the Whiskey Island Marina gate/guard house. Once you're past the gate/guard house, continue east along the paved road toward the Wendy Park - turn left and head toward Lake Erie or stay straight and head toward the Cuyahoga River. Public parking is available at both locations.


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